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BinSentry launches Feed Ordering Hub

BinSentry launches Feed Ordering Hub

Launch of Feed Ordering Hub takes place at the 2022 World Pork Expo.

By Andrew Joseph,; Image via BinSentry

At the 2022 World Pork Expo, BinSentry, a Kitchener, Ontario-based agriculture technology start-up, revealed its Feed Ordering Hub that helps increase feed ordering and scheduling automation at the mill and farm levels.

The debut of Feed Ordering Hub comes just six months after the company’s launch of its Horizon and Sensus systems.

Feed Ordering Hub is a Cloud-based design that along with automating feed ordering and scheduling, it allows its users to make data-driven decisions and allocate resources better.

What started as a simple feed ordering automation software a few months ago, BinSentry has developed it into a complete hub where feed mills can connect with both their customers and nutritionists to not only increase operational efficiency but to help their partners to maximize production and operate more profitably.

The algorithms and technology behind the hub transform on-farm feed inventory data greater than ever before.

It enables users to receive insight to make informed decisions and reduce costs such as feed waste, outages, or mortality losses.

New features, such as the ability to create feed budgets, help both nutritionists and producers increase performance and animal welfare by ensuring that the right feed type is delivered to the right bin at the right time.

The hub is now an integral part of BinSentry’s Horizon platform, adding powerful tools and new features that make the Horizon experience better than ever.

World Pork Expo attendees—taking place June 8-109, 2022, at the Iowa State Fairgrounds—will receive hands-on experience at the BinSentry booth, where the hub is being demonstrated to thousands of participants.

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