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Canada’s Farm Show 2021

Canada’s Farm Show 2021

Big changes on the way for next year’s event

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As Canada’s Farm Show was cancelled this year due to COVID-19, organizers are busy planning the 2021 event with some new features.

“A big shift is that we are moving indoors,” said Tim Reid. “We recognized and realized the fact that we're the largest contiguous space venue that exists in Canada at this time and we've got a lot of room. Why fight the elements in an unpredictable time of year when we can simply move everything indoors?”

Reid is the president and CEO of the Regina Exhibition Association Ltd.

A big feature for the show that is set to debut in 2021 is Launchpad.

“If you were to think of an Apple launch or a Tesla launch, (for example, it would have) high-quality video production, high-quality light production and high-quality camera production,” Reid explained. Show organizers are planning something similar with their Launchpad.

In 2021, Launchpad at Canada’s Farm Show will feature three segments: panels of leading experts, keynote speakers and new product launches. People can tune into each segment in-person or virtually. The goal is to bring fresh, innovative products and forward-thinking speakers to show attendees.

“Launchpad’s timing could not have been better, given the fact that we were ready to go in 2020. I think, in 2021, (virtual and in-person events are) going to be the way we do business,” said Reid.

All presentations and panels will be edited, and the individuals and businesses involved can get a copy to share, said Reid.

Organizers for the 2021 show are also working with Alpha Bull Inc. and Professional Bull Riders (PBR) on bringing an agri-sport type event to the show, said Reid.

“We expect that our guests will see a pretty fun experience around a joint venture between Alpha Bull and PBR,” he said.

The 2021 show is set for June 15 to 17 and one ticket will allow you entry for the whole week.

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