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Canadian Dairy XPO Kicks off in Stratford, Ontario

Dairy Expo Showcases Canadian Dairy Sector

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Canada’s only national showcase dedicated to the dairy sector opens its doors today in Stratford, Ontario. The Canadian Dairy XPO (CDX) is targeted for the progressive dairy farmers, featuring a multifaceted event.

The key features of this year’s event is an exclusive dairy product and service expo, world class speaker program entitled “Dairy Classroom”, a live dairy daughter display featuring genetics, and a CheeseFEST and social networking social.

There is a unique history behind CDX. After years of traveling to the U.S World Dairy Expo’s held in Madison, Wisconsin – Jordon Underhill and Talo Tamminga the idea of having a Canadian dairy showcase emerged. The spelling of “XPO” is intentional with the hopes to build distinction from the other global dairy “Expo’s”. The name also makes an effort to identify with the three dominate dairy operator launches – English, French and Dutch.

The cost of admission is $25 per adult or $15 with a coupon which can be retrieved from the CDX website. It’s a two-day event Wed, Feb 6th and Thurs, Feb 7th. The event runs from 9am to 4pm and every morning between 8 and 9am there will be a free pancake breakfast. More information about the CDX can be found at:

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Is Dr. POL coming to the dairy show in Stratford thanks
Ron |Jan 30 2019 1:53PM