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1,000 Pigs Died in Iowa Hog Farm

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Officials say that about 1,000 pigs died in a barn fire that broke out on a hog operation located in eastern Iowa.  The fire was reported on Friday around 1pm on a hog farm located 10 miles west of Columbus Junction. The hog facility included eight connected buildings, spanning 20 acres.

By the time firefighters arrived on scene, two of the farrowing barns were fully engulfed in flames. It took 45 firefighters from surrounding communities to put out the fire. The blaze was difficult to extinguish due to the location of the facility. The swine barn was located on a hilly property, which made it difficult to truck water in freezing temperatures.

Authorities say that 500 to 600 pigs that were killed were sows and the rest were piglets. No humans were injured.

The fire is still under investigation.


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