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Wynne Confirms She Will Be Agriculture Minister

Premier-Designate Clarifies that she Will Appoint Herself as Ontario Minister of Agriculture

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After much confusion over if and when Ontario premier-designate would follow through on her promise to appoint herself as Minister of Agriculture in addition to taking on the role as Ontario Premier, Wynne confirms that she will appoint herself minister of agriculture right away. This statement comes after some sources said that she wouldn’t appoint herself agriculture minister right away.

Wynne made the announcement while on a tour of a vegetable processing plant on Gwillimdale Farm in Bradford, which is about 70 kilometres just north of Toronto.

Some people are skeptical of Wynne’s decision to take on two jobs, noting that the job as Premier is enough of a daunting task, let alone her being an MPP from Toronto. Wynne acknowledged these criticisms telling reporters that she “has to understand the whole province.”

Ontario MPPs haven’t been sitting in the house since Oct. 15th when Premier Dalton McGuinty announced his resignation and prorogued the legislature.


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