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Canadian seed industry receives federal investment

Canadian seed industry receives federal investment

The funding will help enhance certification and be used to identify risks in the industry

By Diego Flammini
News Reporter

The federal government is investing in Canada’s seed sector to help it remain competitive in a global marketplace.

Mike Bossio, member of Parliament for Hastings – Lennox and Addington, announced an investment of over $760,000 today during the Ottawa Valley Farm Show.

The funding will be used to help Canada’s $5.6 billion seed industry improve and enhance the certification of crops, identify and assess risks and opportunities facing the industry, and expand seed trade in global markets.

Mike Bossio
Mike Bossio announces a federal investment into the Canadian seed industry.

“When it comes to investing in agriculture innovation, the seed industry walks the talk,” Bossio said. “Anything that can be done to strengthen the seed sector will pay dividends for the whole supply chain, from farmer all the way to the customer.”

The funding will be divided between the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA) and the Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA).

The CSGA will receive $703,214 to complete a study on the risks and opportunities in the Canadian seed sector.

“This information will help the industry to minimize risk while maximizing the opportunities at home and around the world,” Bossio said. “For seed growers, this investment will help improve certification and traceability of your crops. This will give buyers the confidence that when they see the blue (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) tag on the bag, they’re getting top quality Canadian-certified seed.

The CSTA will receive more than $65,154 to assist with innovation and to help break down trade barriers

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The federal government has set an objective of exporting $75 billion worth of agricultural products by 2025. Seed growers are paramount to achieving that goal, Bossio said.

 “We’ll be counting on seed growers to help us get there,” he said. “You are the first point in the supply chain, producing safe high-quality food that’s the top choice of consumers around the world.”

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