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Cdn. companies enhance farm digitization

Cdn. companies enhance farm digitization

Two Manitoba-based companies announced partnership to better serve Western Canadian producers

By Kate Ayers
Staff Writer

Farmers Edge and Richardson Pioneer Ltd. recently announced a multi-year partnership to deliver digital agricultural products to Prairie producers.

Over 90 retail locations across Western Canada will offer the digital precision technology, a Farmers Edge release said today.

“When you combine two powerhouse companies, one of being Richardson, a powerhouse in crop inputs and grain marketing, and Farmers Edge, a leader in digital and data analytics, it creates a significant value for farms in Western Canada as they become digitalized,” Wade Barnes, CEO of Farmers Edge, said in an email statement to today.

“This (support) is going to help growers with their agronomic solutions, (and) guide their decisions around crop inputs, (as well as) decisions around grain marketing.  It will move the farm to become digitalized much faster, putting a lot more power in the farmers’ hands, while creating a stronger connection to their partners, such as Richardson Pioneer.”  

The companies will integrate Farmers Edge’s tools into Richardson Pioneer’s retail network to combine quality and make it easier for producers to address their farm needs.

Richardson Pioneer offers personalized agronomic advice and access to global grain merchandising.

Farmers Edge has FarmCommand, an AI-driven and comprehensive digital platform that manages field data, the release said. This platform provides producers with real-time data visualization, advanced data analytics, rapid data processing, and machine learning, the email statement said. These tools transform field data into useable information that farmers use to make management decisions.

“With the ever-changing challenges growers face with weather, input costs and commodity prices, growers must base farm management decisions on reliable, accurate, and specialized data,” Barnes said in the release.

“The more innovative partners who can add value to our suite of precision digital solutions, the more successful our growers will be when using our technologies.”

The combined expertise of Farmers Edge and Richardson Pioneer will help producers increase profitability and manage their operations at a granular level, Chuck Cohen, senior vice-president of technology for Richardson International, said in the release.

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