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Chicken Farmers of Canada campaign nests in Toronto

Chicken Farmers of Canada campaign nests in Toronto

A chicken helped in the community as part of the “Raised Right” campaign

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A human-sized chicken appeared in Toronto, Ont. last week.

Chicken Farmers of Canada employed this kind chickens to help in the community as part of the organization’s “Raised Right” campaign.

The friendly fowl opened doors, paid for coffees, helped people cross the street, picked up litter and performed other acts of kindness.

These demonstrations of goodwill help highlight the work Canadian chicken farmers do to raise their flocks as best they can.

"It's simple: these chickens are out doing good deeds because they were raised right, just like chickens raised by Canadian chicken farmers," JJ Hochrein, director of brand marketing with Chicken Farmers of Canada, said in a statement. "Canadian farmers are proud to raise chickens with care and without hormones or steroids. It's not easy, but they go out of their way every day to do it right – just like the chickens you may have encountered around your neighbourhood last week." had contacted CFC for possible comment from the chicken.

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