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China approves five GM crop varieties

China approves five GM crop varieties

The country hasn’t authorized any other GM crop imports since July 2017

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A decision by China’s federal government could lead to more marketing opportunities for U.S. cash crop producers.

Yesterday, China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs granted approval for the import of five genetically modified crops.

DuPont Pioneer’s DP4114 corn, BASF’s SYHT0H2 and DowDuPont’s DAS-44406-6 soybeans can be exported to China. So can BASF’s RF3 and Monsanto’s MON 88302 canola.

The ag ministry also renewed import licenses for 26 GM crops, bringing the total number of allowable GM crops to 31.

Given the uncertainty surrounding trade with China, U.S. farmers view these new developments as a step in the right direction.

“This is great news because it tells me that China is interested in more of our products,” Dennis Gardner, a soybean grower from Croswell, Mich., told “I’ve seen different reports of China buying more U.S. soybeans, so I’m hoping this is all leading to a resolved trade situation.”

Chinese officials agree.

“China’s approval of the new GMO products is paving the way for China to import large volumes of U.S. soybeans in the future. It is a positive signal,” Li Qiang, chief analyst with Shanghai JC Intelligence Co Ltd., told Reuters.

The Chinese ag ministry, however, denied import access for five other GM products.

Three DowDuPont products, DAS-68416-4 soybeans, the 81419-2 soybean trait and DowDuPont’s Pioneer canola DP73496, did not receive the necessary approvals. The company has awaited the green light for its canola product since July 2012.

China also denied import approvals on two Monsanto alfalfa varieties, J101 and J163.


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