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Deutz-Fahr Unveils New Compound TTV Tractor Range

Deutz-Fahr Unveils New Compound TTV Tractor Range

New TTV Tractor Range Boasts Enhanced Fuel Efficiency and Mechanical Smoothness 

By Ryan Ridley

Did you know there is a new Deutz-Fahr tractor lineup?  

Andrew Winkles from Deutz-Fahr recently met with to talk about the company’s new line of tractors, including the flagship model of the Compound TTV range.  

This range is the newest addition to its Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) offerings, which are known for their smooth operation and mechanical efficiency.  

When combined with the Deutz engine, these tractors provide an even greater increase in fuel efficiency, a feature Deutz-Fahr is already well-respected for says Winkles. 

The rollout of this line across the US will see models ranging from 190 horsepower to 280 horsepower, with the 9340 series topping the range.  

In addition to these higher horsepower tractors, Deutz-Fahr has also entered the smaller tractor market with a 65-horsepower model. 

All tractors come equipped with premium STOLL loaders, which the company proudly claims are the best front-end loaders available on the market. 

Deutz-Fahr is actively expanding its dealer network in America, emphasizing the importance of hands-on experience with its tractors.  

“I believe people will be really surprised at the capability and performance of a Deutz-Fahr tractor,” adds Winkles. 

Watch the below video to learn more about this new tractor series. 

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