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DFC launches new ad campaign

DFC launches new ad campaign

"Milk. It's in the stuff you love" campaign focuses on dairy ingredients in foods that young consumers love

By Jackie Clark

While the younger generations don’t tend to reach for a tall glass of milk to quench their thirst, they still enjoy a wide range of products with dairy ingredients. The Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) hope to remind these consumers of that fact in an exciting new ad campaign.

“Milk can be off-trend because there are so many beverages to choose from,” Pamela Naleajek, DFC’s vice-president of marketing, told “Even though (millennials and Generation Z) might not drink it in the traditional way, they embrace it in so many other ways.”

The campaign features a “6-foot-tall glass of milk character who’s a little weird, a little awkward, but is still endearing. His job and single-minded focus is reminding people that he’s in the things they love,” Naleajek said.

DFC's milk character reminds consumers that he's in food that they love, like poutine.

This illustration serves as an example of DFC's milk character reminding consumers that he's an important ingredient in foods they love.

DFC photo

“Our milk character shows up in unexpected ways,” she added. “Look for (posts) on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook,” and more.

The fun and fresh perspective on dairy reflects consumer trends, but also the modernization and new generation of producers, Naleajek explained. “It’s a campaign that (dairy farmers) are very much a part of,” she said.

DFC is consistently working to address “the dairy wary who are still consuming dairy but have questions,” Naleajek added. The organization uses creative ad campaigns to address misconceptions and inform consumers about Canadian-raised dairy.

“We want to shift perceptions of dairy and reframing it as more than milk,” she said.

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Until DFC recognizes that Canadian A2 milk and infant formula needs to be accessible and affordable across Canada we will continue to lose market share.
John Van Dyk |Nov 5 2019 5:39AM