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Eastern Ontario reaps record corn yield

Eastern Ontario reaps record corn yield

By Andrew Joseph,, Photo by Michael Fischer from Pexels

Per Agricorp, a crop insurance agency, the province has reported eastern Ontario had an average 2021 yield of 177.9 bushels per acre breaking the 2015-record of 170.6 bu/ac in eastern Ontario.

Although the number is below the expected overall corn projections for the Province, it is still a record for the area.

Although not all counties in eastern Ontario saw record hauls, most did, owing to localized rainfalls that may have hit some areas more than others. A little bit more rainfall in August might have truly seen corn hit even greater highs.

Experts say that the weather in eastern Ontario cooperated well, with an early start, good rain during pollination and a reasonably temperate autumn that did not see a frost until late in October.  

Although the record yield in eastern Ontario and expected prices for crops such as corn and soybeans is good, farmers across the country are less optimistic about things next season with expected input costs such as fertilizer will be about 35-40-percent higher than in 2020.

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