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Egg Farmers of Canada involved in international training video

Egg Farmers of Canada involved in international training video

The video covers the fundamentals of egg production in tropical and sub-tropical environments

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A Canadian ag organization is part of an international effort to help train egg farmers in other parts of the world.

The International Egg Foundation (IEF) recently produced a video titled “Fundamentals of Successful Egg Production.”

In the nearly 17-minute video, Roger Pelissero, chair of Egg Farmers of Canada, is on location in Eswatini (Swaziland).

Throughout the video, he discusses egg production with a farm manager named Maganda Michenje and Sifiso Nkambule, an egg farm supervisor.

The trio discuss topics like biosecurity, barn features, feed and water usage.

This training video can help other farmers in similar locations understand the building blocks of egg production.

“Our ultimate goal at IEF is to provide better lives for people, through the power of the humble egg,” said Tim Lambert, chairman of IEF. “The expert training covers the fundamental steps required to produce quality eggs in a safe, sustainable manner, from site selection to housing systems, feed storage and record keeping.”

The video supports Project Canaan, a 2,500-acre orphanage which includes an egg farm. The orphanage also has its own dairy, where the children consume about 1,135 litres of milk per week.

Project Canaan is a Heart for Africa initiative, a faith-based humanitarian organization started by two Canadians, Ian and Janine Maxwell. connected with Janine Maxwell and Pelissero in 2021 after he visited the farm in Eswatini, where he also helped design the barns the local farmers are using.

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