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Elmer’s introduces new grain cart

Elmer’s introduces new grain cart

The Haulmaster 2300 is available for order now

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

An ag equipment manufacturer has brought a new product to market.

Elmer’s Manufacturing recently introduced the Haulmaster 2300 grain cart, the largest grain cart the company offers.

With its 2300-bushel capacity, the new grain cart achieves an additional 13 per cent carrying volume per load compared to the Haulmaster 2000.

This product came from spending time with farmers and listening to what they were asking for, said Ben Johnson, sales coordinator with Elmer’s.

“We spent a lot of time in the buddy seat with customers and something that was indicated to us is farmers wanted almost an extra combine dump to be able to fill those semis before they send them back into the yard,” Johnson told

The new grain cart is also built standard on Elmer’s High Capacity undercarriage to properly support the increased grain volume.

Aside from the increased carrying capacity, the Haulmaster 2300 comes standard with many features customers expect from Elmer’s.

This includes the direct-drive Powermaster gear box, which is unique to Elmer’s products, Johnson said.

“It eliminates any drive belts that a lot of our competitors would have,” he said. “It also allows us to bring the overall height of the cart down.”

The Haulmaster 2300 also comes with a fully bolt together design which helps with the cart’s performance.

“It reduces weld distortion and if you ever needed to replace a panel you could do that simply,” Johnson said.

The grain cart also comes in five colours and can be purchased with left- or right-hand auger discharge.

Farmers wanting to see the grain carts in person for the first time can do so next month.

The first public showing of the Haulmaster 2300 will take place at the Agri-Trade Equipment Expo in Red Deer, Alta., from Nov. 10 to 12.

Producers who submit orders for the grain cart between now and Nov. 30 can expect it to be delivered in summer 2022.

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