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Explore Kioti's ZXD Diesel Zero Turn Mower

Explore Kioti's ZXD Diesel Zero Turn Mower

Durable, Efficient, and Maintenance-Friendly

By Ryan Ridley

Kioti Tractor is renowned for integrating innovative solutions into its machinery, and the ZXD Series zero turn mower is no exception.  

This machine is built to cater to the demanding needs of modern lawn care, combining robust construction with cutting-edge technology to ensure efficiency and reliability. 

One of the standout features of the ZXD Series is its dual fuel tanks, Steven Benedict, product line manager with Kioti Tractor, recently told 

Together these tanks hold up to 17 gallons of diesel allowing for prolonged operation without the need for frequent refueling, ensuring that large areas can be maintained with fewer interruptions, enhancing productivity. 

Ease of maintenance is another critical aspect of the ZXD Series. The mower is designed with accessible panels that simplify the process of reaching crucial components like the engine and axles.  

This accessibility is ideal for regular upkeep, which prolongs the life of the mower and ensures it operates at peak efficiency. 

A direct drive system marks a significant advancement in mower design. Unlike traditional belt-driven systems, the ZXD Series employs a gearbox directly mounted to the engine.  

This setup drives the hydraulic system for the tires and the shaft drive deck. The absence of a drive belt reduces the risk of breakage and slippage, resulting in a more reliable and maintenance-friendly mower. 

The mower’s deck is another highlight, available in widths of 61 and 72 inches and featuring a 7-gauge steel construction.  

Additionally, the deck’s design ensures a consistent cut, with the power evenly distributed to the cutting spindles. 

Comfort is not overlooked in the design either. It features semi-pneumatic front tires mounted on an articulating axle to smooth out the ride over uneven terrain.  

The three-inch suspension seat and thick rubber floor mat significantly reduce vibrations, making the mowing experience more comfortable for the operator. 

To see Kioti’s ZXD Series up-close, watch the below video. 

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