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John Deere Unveils Next-Level Sprayer Upgrade Options

John Deere Unveils Next-Level Sprayer Upgrade Options

Cutting-Edge Technology for Improved Spraying Efficiency 

By Ryan Ridley

John Deere's Precision Sprayer Upgrades offer a range of innovative solutions to optimize your spraying operations. 

Let's delve into the features and benefits of these cutting-edge technologies available on model year 2018 and newer R Series sprayers. 

Pressure Recirculation and Product Reclaim technology allows for efficient product usage by reclaiming excess spray back into the tank, minimizing waste and environmental impact. 

This feature ensures precise application while conserving resources, says John Deere’s precision upgrades marketing manager, Kyle Barry. 

For enhanced control and precision, John Deere offers various nozzle options, including Individual Nozzle Control (INC) Pro and Individual Nozzle Control (INC) HD. 

These options allow users to manage individual nozzles for precise application, optimizing spray coverage and reducing overspray. 

The ExactApply technology is equipped with six nozzle options on one nozzle body, along with pulsing solenoids for precise modulation. This system offers superior control and flexibility, ensuring accurate application even in challenging conditions. 

See and Spray Premium, compatible with 2018 and newer sprayers, offers targeted weed control with BoomTrac Pro 2. Equipped with 36 cameras and vision processing units, this system enables precise herbicide application, reducing herbicide usage by up to 50%. 

John Deere's sprayer upgrade options provide R Series owners with a path to improve efficiency, reduce waste, and achieve more precise application, ultimately leading to increased productivity and cost savings. 

Barry explains more about precision sprayer upgrades in the below video. 

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