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Farm Animal Care Coalition Formed in Iowa

Farmers and Industry Leaders in Iowa Announce New Coalition

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West Des Moines, Iowa – A new coalition has formed in Iowa made up of farmers and agricultural industry leaders to provide residents of Iowa with expert advice on farm animal care. The newly formed group has been named “Iowa Farm and Animal Care Coalition” (IFAC) and it strives to address Iowans’ questions with regards to farm animal care and welfare issues. The coalition is made up of a network of industry professionals, including animal behavior scientists, veterinarians and farmers.

The group hopes to help answer questions from the public relating to how farm animals are raised and also provides valuable resources for farmers and ranchers in terms of livestock care resources. The group is also interested in hearing any concerns from Iowans’ who want to report a farm animal concern.

For more information on the Iowa Farm and Animal Care Coalition, visit their website or call 1-800-252-0577.

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