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Farm groups rally for informed dairy decisions


The agricultural community witnesses a powerful alliance as the American Farm Bureau Federation joins hands with the National Farmers Union, both rallying for critical updates to the Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO) system. Central to their efforts is a call to the USDA to suspend any changes to make allowances without first conducting a mandatory survey that includes every dairy processor in the industry.

The push for a mandatory survey stems from concerns over current data collection methods, which rely on voluntary surveys and may not accurately reflect the diversity and scope of the dairy processing sector. The organizations argue that reliable, mandatory data is crucial for making informed decisions that will directly affect dairy farmers' earnings and the industry's economic health.

Their united front is not just about halting the increase in make allowances but about ensuring that any decisions regarding dairy pricing are made with a holistic understanding of the industry. This includes considering the impact on dairy farmers, who are at the heart of the FMMO modernization debate and are the ultimate deciders through a referendum process.

This collaboration between two of the country's most influential farm organizations highlights the importance of data-driven decision-making in agricultural policy. It represents a significant step toward ensuring that changes to dairy pricing formulas are fair, transparent, and beneficial to all stakeholders, especially the dairy farmers who will live with the consequences of these decisions.

By emphasizing the need for comprehensive surveys, the American Farm Bureau Federation and National Farmers Union are advocating for a more inclusive, equitable, and informed approach to dairy policy reform. Their collective action underscores the critical role that accurate data and farmer input play in shaping the future of the dairy industry, aiming for policies that support the sector's sustainability and profitability.

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