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New planters for upcoming season

By Diego Flammini,

Farmers are always looking for new technology to implement on their farms to ensure their operation is as efficient as possible for the cost of the equipment (it isn’t cheap) and of course to make their yield potentials as high as they possibly can.

One of the most important pieces of equipment a farmer can have is their planter- the machine responsible for putting the seeds into the ground so farmers can grow their corn, wheat, soy and other crops during the year.

The fourth part of the Ag Machinery Profile Series will look at The Early Riser Planters from CASE IH.

The Early Riser Planter from CASE comes with a multitude of options. From 12, 16, and 24 rows and up to 30-inch spacing and being able to add tanks of up to 600-gallons of fertilizer for optimum flexibility.

What could make the Early Riser a must-have for farmers is their list of 12 features that “set the industry standard for earlier, more uniform emergence.”

Feature 1
The features include narrow, 10.5-degree openers that gives a narrower cut. It results in less sidewall compaction can minimize seed trench smear.

Feature 4
The seed protection shoe acts as a retaining wall that prevents loose soil from falling into the trench before the seed is planted. This allows for uniform seed depth across the planter and field.

Feature 11
The internal dual rib sealing tire seals the trench and returns the soil to a similar condition before seeding took place. It allows for proper soil pressure around the seed and can better use the moisture within the soil.

Do any of these features interest you? Join the discussion, tell us what kind of planter you use and if you would consider purchasing a CASE IH Early Riser Planter.


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