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From Farm to Fryer – McDonalds French Fries

McDonalds Invites Consumers behind the Scenes of Food Production

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With the so-called ‘food movement’ sweeping across the nation, consumers are quickly becoming more curious about the foods they eat, in particular - where it comes from and what  it’s made with. In the days leading up to an historic and controversial vote in California called Prop 37, which would mandate the labelling of all food products that contain GMO ingredients; some food companies and restaurants are taking the public’s queue by shedding light on their very own practices.

Global fast-food giant McDonalds is leading the way with a series of videos that seek to answer consumer’s questions about their products - by showing them what goes on behind the scenes.

The following video was created by McDonalds in response to consumer questions regarding their French fries and it takes us from the Farm into the Fryer.


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