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GM alfalfa seeds subject of letter to Minister of Agriculture

15 farm organizations attach their names to the cause

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

A letter signed by 15 farm organizations across Canada is asking Minister of Agriculture Lawrence MacAulay to stop the release of genetically modified alfalfa seeds.

“Any commercial release of GM alfalfa seeds will result in unavoidable contamination, with a range of devastating impacts on a wide range of farmers, commodity sectors and food production businesses in Canada, both conventional and organic,” the letter reads.

Alfalfa seed

Heather Kerschbaumer from Forage Seed Canada told the National Farmers Union (NFU) that introducing GM alfalfa could result in a loss of export markets and Lisa Mumm, a board member of the Canada Organic Trade Association told NFU that Canada’s organic sector could be harmed.

All three organizations have their names attached to the letter, which outlines for the agriculture minister.

Firstly, the group is asking Minister MacAulay to stop any further commercial release of GM alfalfa seeds by removing variety registration for all varieties until an economic impact assessment can be completed.

The group cites a plan developed by the Canadian Seed Trade Association which they “have no confidence in.”

The second request is to establish a protocol for testing all alfalfa seed imports from the United States.

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