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Have You Seen Kioti’s Prototype RX40 Series Tractor?

Have You Seen Kioti’s Prototype RX40 Series Tractor?

Likely Not… But We Have You Covered 

By Ryan Ridley

Kioti Tractor is bringing another tractor series to the market, the RX40 Series. 

These new models are designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s farmers, offering both power and precision in a versatile package. chatted with Joel Hicks, product line manager with Kioti, about its new series. We also have some footage of a prototype tractor, the RX7340 model, below. 

The RX7340 boasts 73 engine horsepower and approximately 63 PTO horsepower. Hicks explained that the horsepower offering makes it an ideal choice for various farming tasks such as hay operations and general utility work. 

The RX Series features brand-new styling, including a redesigned front-end and a new loader. 

One of the significant upgrades in the RX40 series is the transition from a six-pillar cab to a more spacious and taller five-pillar cab, which improves overall visibility. It also adds an optional instructor seat.  

The layout of controls within the cab is thoughtfully arranged to ensure ergonomic ease for the operator, featuring a new electronic 3-point hitch that simplifies attachments and adjustments. 

Lighting has also been improved with the introduction of LED headlights. 

The RX Series includes a newly designed self-leveling loader that significantly aids in load stability and management. Hicks noted that you can add an optional soft ride kit that minimizes shock and vibration when transporting heavy loads like round bales. 

This feature is particularly beneficial for maintaining stability and comfort during transport across fields. 

Additional enhancements include a convenient Power Shuttle lever, easily accessible joystick controls with integrated third-function buttons, and adjustable electronic controls for the 3-point hitch.  

These features collectively contribute to a smoother, more comfortable operating experience, added Hicks. 

By integrating modern technology and thoughtful design, Kioti Tractor continues to bring reliable, efficient, and comfortable equipment that stands up to the demands of modern farming. 

Jump in the cab for a complete overview of the RX40 Series with Hicks in the below video. 

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