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Have Your Say… What is Canadian Food?

Join the CBC Discussion on Food Tonight at 7:00 EST

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The CBC is holding its final chat tonight with the “What is Canadian Food” series. The live chat will host celebrity chefs including - Michael Smith, Aaron Joseph Bear Robe, Mark McEwan and Carl Heinrich. The series will end with the results from a poll that asked respondents “what is Canadian food” hence the title. The chat will feature an interactive component where some participants will be selected to speak with the chef panellists directly. There are three different ways that you can participate in tonight’s discussion:

1. You can simply watch the video chat in the window below.

2. You can join the text chat in the second window to speak with other participants while watching the video chat.

3. You can join the video chat by clicking the red "Get in line" button. You will need to click "Allow" when the flash box pops up so that your computer can access your webcam and microphone. If our moderator selects you, you'll have a chance to chat with our guests live!


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