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Helping Manitoba farmers develop an environmental farm plan

Helping Manitoba farmers develop an environmental farm plan

Producers can complete a self-assessment online

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A new resource is available to help Manitoba farmers develop individual farm plans.

The provincial and federal government announced the launch of the online Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) platform.

Since 2004, Manitoba’s EFP program has been delivered through in-person workshops with farmers completing paper workbooks.

The online platform provides farmers with access to resources to help prioritize best management practices.

Using the EFP platform is voluntary and provides farmers with a confidential self-assessment of his or her farm. And EFPs are required for farmers to access many cost-shared programs.

“The EFP is a valuable and proactive risk management tool. It includes a strong educational component that will continue to provide positive environmental outcomes while enabling the province to meet its goals for enhancing public trust in the agricultural sector,” Derek Johnson, Manitoba’s ag minister, said in a statement.

Manitoba EFP screenshot
Manitoba EFP screenshot.

The platform includes national and international standards.

This allows farmers to address market requirements for specific commodity groups.

In addition, once a producer has completed an EFP workbook, he or she can submit it to KAP for a third-party review.

“This new platform will help increase the accessibility of the EFP program for Manitoba producers and sends a strong signal to consumers about the efforts taken to deliver sustainably grown agricultural products to the marketplace,” said Bill Campbell, president of Keystone Agricultural Producers.

Developing the EFP platform has been in progress for two years.

In 2020, the governments of Manitoba and Canada, through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, invested $990,000 to Keystone Agricultural Producers for this purpose.

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