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Indiana 4-H leads charge in Ag workforce development


Indiana 4-H, in its quest to adapt and respond to the shifting landscape of the agriculture industry, is seeking input from employers within the food, agriculture, forestry, and related fields. This initiative, aimed at understanding current workforce dynamics, focuses on aspects such as recruitment, retention, and training. Employers are encouraged to contribute their insights through an online survey by April 15, facilitating the development of targeted educational programming and agriculture career pathways for youth.

Supported by the Youth Innovators Empowering Agriculture Across America grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture, this project engages 4-H programs across multiple states. It focuses on creating educational initiatives and understanding the agriculture career landscape as perceived by teens. Moreover, it assesses innovative agriculture programs accessible to youths, aiming to foster a knowledgeable and skilled agricultural workforce.

Purdue University, the hub for Indiana 4-H Youth Development, stands out for its academic excellence and innovative approach to education and research, particularly in agriculture. By freezing tuition for over a decade, it emphasizes affordability and accessibility, while its strategic initiatives continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in agriculture and beyond.

Through this survey and broader educational efforts, Indiana 4-H and Purdue University are laying the groundwork for a diverse, well-prepared workforce ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of 21st-century agriculture, ensuring the sector remains vibrant and innovative for generations to come.

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