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Iowa farming community helps family complete harvest

Iowa farming community helps family complete harvest

The Carroll family experienced a great loss this summer

By Diego Flammini
News Reporter

A rural Iowa community came together to make sure a family’s harvest wouldn’t remain unfinished.

Frank Carroll, a 66-year-old grain producer from Granger, IA, passed away in August, leaving harvest in question.

Carroll usually needed a week to complete his harvest, Tanya Boyle, one of Frank’s daughters, told the Dallas County News on Thursday.

“We weren’t quite sure what do to because my dad did everything,” Boyle told Dallas County News.

But with the help of other local farmers, the family was able to finish harvest in only a few days.

Producers donated their time as well as four combines and five tractors to complete the harvest. Semi-trucks were also donated to the cause.

The outpouring of support is an sign of the respect her father had in his community, Boyle said.

“The local farmers … all came to us and said ‘we want to do this.’ We had even offered to pay them and they won’t take anything,” she told Dallas County News. “They just wanted to do it in memory of my dad, and all of them said ‘he would have done it for us in a heartbeat.’”

Prior to his passing, Frank participated in 4-H, served in the Vietnam War and worked as an electrician at the John Deere Des Moines Works facility in Ankeny, IA.

Top photo: Members of the Granger, IA community helped the Carroll family complete its corn and soybean harvest.
Photo: Dallas County News

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