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Iowa high-schoolers drive tractors to school for Farmer Day

Celebration was part of St. Mary’s homecoming

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

During the first weeks of high school, many students may arrive in new cars that were purchased over the summer holidays.

At one high school in Iowa, a group of students drove some larger vehicles to class.

As part of its homecoming celebrations, St. Mary’s High School in Remsen, Iowa, held Farmer Day. Students drove tractors, combines and even rode horses to school to show off their agricultural heritage.

“I grew up in a family of farmers, I think I’d be a fifth generation farmer,” Roman Staab, a senior, told ABC 9 News. “It’s just a really big thing in my family and in the community.”

The young minds understand the roles agriculture plays in everyday life and the importance of spreading a positive message.

“Farming is important to me because everybody in society has some tie to agriculture no matter what, it’s where their food comes from,” Jacob Loutsch told ABC 9 News. “It’s up to us farmers to get the knowledge out and the word out on how we produce food safely and effectively to feed the world.”

Farmer Day
Some students drove farm equipment to school at part of Farmer Day.
Photo: ABC 9 News

Professors at the school understand their student body is unique when compared to other schools.

“A very large percentage of our students would like to farm,” professor Paul Mugge told ABC 9. “Relative to other schools that are more urban in nature. And that’s a good thing.”

Photos of the Farmer Day celebrations can be viewed on St. Mary’s Facebook page.

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