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Kubota announces new equipment lines at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

Company also opened its new Event Centre

By Diego Flammini,

If someone at Canada’s Outdoor Farm show wants to meet at “the cube”, chances are they’re talking about Kubota’s new Event Centre, the company’s permanent residence on the grounds of the farm show.

The building, which sticks out due to its bright orange cube, will be used for various Kubota applications.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a vehicle dealership or tractor dealership, they always have that one element that’s the same everywhere you go,” said Rob Allison, National Marketing Manager for Kubota. “Kubota is trying to build that into new dealer builds and innovations.

“Our plan is to use the centre for training purposes for our dealers, special events for our customers and make it available to our dealers to do their own special events here,” Allison said. “We’ve got a long list of things that we can use the building for aside from just the show.”

In addition to opening the new Kubota Event Centre, the company also announced the launch of its new M7 Series tractors.

“This is the biggest tractor we’ve ever made,” said Martin Carrier, Marketing Manager for Kubota.

Specs of the M7 Series include:
-    Exceeds Tier4 Final emissions regulations
-    87 gal. fuel tank and 10 gal. urea tank
-    Wider cabin allows for comfort and increased work space

Anyone interested in test driving a new M7 Series tractor can do so by making an appointment.

Join the conversation and tell us your thoughts on Kubota’s new building and line of tractors.

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