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Kubota's RTV-X1130 - A Game Changer for Farmers

 Kubota's RTV-X1130 - A Game Changer for Farmers

Explore the New RTV-X1130 with ProKonvert Technology

By Ryan Ridley

Kubota recently expanded its lineup of utility vehicles with the introduction of the RTV-X1130, a robust workhorse designed to meet the rigorous demands of farm work. recently spoke with Jacob Mandoza, Senior Product Manager for Kubota Utility Vehicles, about the new RTV. 

The RTV-X1130 belongs to Kubota's renowned X series, which includes models with one and two rows and options for full cabs with heating and A/C. 

This new model stands out with its one-row open design and an extended six-foot cargo bed equipped with a hydraulic dump feature as standard. This makes it exceptionally versatile on the farm. 

One of the most significant advancements in the RTV-X1130 is the introduction of ProKonvert technology. This feature allows the cargo bed sides to be folded down or removed entirely without tools, converting it into a flatbed. This flexibility greatly facilitates the loading and unloading process, saving time and effort. 

The vehicle is not just about utility but also performance. It houses a globally acclaimed Kubota diesel engine and a Kubota-built hydrostatic transmission, ensuring reliability and efficiency. 

The RTV-X1130 also comes equipped with hydraulic power steering. 

The commonality of diesel fuel usage across farm equipment adds another layer of convenience, as it simplifies fuel management for farmers. 

With these comprehensive features, the RTV-X1130 is not just a utility vehicle but a critical farm asset that combines durability, flexibility, and power.  

It promises to be a dependable partner on the farm, helping you achieve more with less effort. 

Watch the video below to see the RTV-X1130 ProKonvert functionality in action. 

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