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Larger farm equipment allowed on Penn. roads

Larger farm equipment allowed on Penn. roads

Farmers can now operate and transport equipment up to 18-feet wide

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Producers in Pennsylvania will be allowed to legally transport and operate larger machinery on state roads.

Governor Tom Wolf’s US$24-million Farm Bill includes a change in state vehicle laws that will permit farm equipment up to 18-feet wide to travel on state roads. The previous restriction capped farm equipment widths at 16 feet unless the operator had an exemption permit.

The expansion reduces red tape for farmers who already have big equipment, said Richard Crone, a cash crop grower from Danville, Penn.

“Some of us are already over width anyway with some of our equipment, so this makes it legal for us to be on the roads,” he told

Seeing the governor increase the width limits isn’t surprising considering the size of modern equipment, Crone said.

“The largest thing I take on the road is my combine and that’s 17-and-a-half feet wide,” he said. “So, I’m already almost over the new width restriction.”

Some farmers, however, are concerned with how tight some roads in the state already are.

Putting larger farm machinery on some roads could lead to accidents if everyone isn’t driving safely, said Russell McLucas, a cash crop farmer from McConnellsburg, Penn.

“It doesn’t matter if this is a good idea or a bad idea until we get proper enforcement of laws about passing slow-moving vehicles,” he told “This is a real concern. Our highways are going to have a horrible time accommodating 18-foot equipment. We’ve got some roads that can only handle 14-foot machinery.”

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Farm equipment has gotten way too big and way too expensive in the last 20 years or so. These mega machines are too heavy for the fields now. Some where down the road this house of cards will collapse along with the insane price of land. We have farmers that have up to 3 banks servicing their debt load. These banks have several farmers on their books and if they ever fail the Banks will fail with them. That's why they have to keep increasing the loans to them. Dog is chasing it's own tail. The government will have to bail out the Farmers and the Banks with the 22+ Trillion in debt of your Government. WOW Grab your rear end folks this is going to be a wild ride.
Darrell D Williamson |Jul 9 2019 1:26AM