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Loftness introduces new fertilizer spreaders

Spreaders are part of its FertiLogix line of products

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

Loftness Specialized Equipment is introducing two new 8-ton fertilizer spreaders as part of its FertiLogix product line.

The FS800 standard spreader comes with a double-axle design, adjustable-height hitch and 2.5-inch-wide leaf springs, allowing for smooth operation and ride quality on uneven ground.

The RC800 is a high-clearance row crop spreader is a single-axle spreader with a 44-inch frame clearance for in-season applications. It allows producers to provide nutrients as the crops need them. The RC800 comes with a variable tread width ranging from 80 to 120 inches.

Loftness Spreader

Both spreaders come with dual stainless-steel spinners, allowing for a spread pattern ranging from 40 to 60 feet and using a 100 per cent overlapping triangular pattern. They come with a positive mechanical conveyor drive which helps eliminate slippage problems, and optional hydraulic conveyor drives can be added for variable rate applications.

Flat surfaces have been minimized in the design throughout to prevent fertilizer buildup and corrosion. The clean hopper interiors don’t have gussets, plates or other possible obstructions the fertilizer may catch on.

Producers can install an optional roll tarp to keep fertilizer safe from weather elements.

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