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MBP pleased with forage insurance review

MBP pleased with forage insurance review

An external consultant recently reviewed the forage insurance programs offered by Manitoba Agricultural Services Corp.

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A recent review of the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corp. (MASC) forage insurance programs highlighted several areas where officials could make improvements to increase farmer participation.

Manitoba Beef Producers (MBP) staff are pleased officials will consider program updates as producers have voiced concern over the forage insurance, said Carson Callum. He is the general manager of MBP.

“We understand uptake for the overall programs have been somewhat limited due to challenges and gaps with the current programs. We wanted to make sure a review was done to see where those gaps were and what changes could be implemented to help encourage folks to take out different insurance” policies, he told

The review consultant worked with producers and agricultural groups, including MBP, to determine why producer participation in forage insurance is low compared to participation in crop insurance.

“One of the main concerns was the gap between forage insurance coverage and the cost of replacing feed. Producers often stated the coverage levels aren't enough to make up for the cost of feed needed to address their shortfall,” said Callum.

The consultant made several recommendations, including improving awareness of the program. MBP staff have also heard this suggestion from producers, he said.

MBP staff look forward to working with both MASC and government representatives on improvements to the program, said Callum.

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