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Merck unveils SEQUIVITY swine vaccine for disease control


Merck Animal Health launches SEQUIVITY with Microsol Diluvac Forte, a revolutionary vaccine for swine health. Powered by RNA Particle Technology and MDF adjuvant, SEQUIVITY offers tailored protection against prevalent swine diseases.

With SEQUIVITY, swine producers gain access to a flexible and rapid vaccination solution. The platform's immuno-precision capabilities enable targeted vaccine production, addressing evolving disease challenges with accuracy.

Dr. Jeremy Maurer, Associate Director of U.S. Livestock Insights and Outcomes for Merck Animal Health, highlights SEQUIVITY’s role in advancing swine health management. Merck's commitment to innovation ensures effective solutions for the evolving needs of swine producers.

SEQUIVITY vaccines are easy to administer, mixed at the point of use from frozen antigen and diluent bottles. This user-friendly format allows for customized dosing and efficient disease control in swine herds. 

Merck provides comprehensive support for SEQUIVITY users, including access to a web-based dashboard for data-driven decision-making. Swine producers and veterinarians can leverage insights to optimize herd health.

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