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Michelin launches new ag tires

Michelin launches new ag tires

The ZEN@TERRA system allows farmers to adjust tire pressures

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A leading tire manufacturer is introducing a new product for its ag customers.

After three years of development and acquiring two tire pressure control system companies (PTG and Téléflow) last year, Michelin released its ZEN@TERRA tire system.

The tires combine Michelin’s EvoBIB tires with PTG and Téléflow’s tire pressure control capabilities.

Tractor operators can adjust tire pressures while driving the tractor to meet application and surface needs.

“On average, operators of high-performance tractors in Europe spend 70 per cent of their time in the field and 30 per cent on the road,” Michelin said, Tyre Press reported. “Many (farmers) seek a (tire) pressure that offers a compromise between efficient on-road and soil-friendly field use.”

A central tire inflation system from PTG and Téléflow allows the operator to increase or decrease pressure while the equipment is moving.

A “smart pressure control unit” stores tire pressure information for all applications and equipment within a farming operation. The unit display pressure readings on the main dashboard and powers the inflation system.

Growers who have used the tire are pleased with the results.

The tire “becomes more stable so, on the road, it runs better,” Ron Peters, a Dutch farmer, said in a video translated.

Michelin is rolling out the tire throughout Europe on a trial basis. More releases could come in early 2019.


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