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Minister Bibeau participating in National Supply Chain Summit

Minister Bibeau participating in National Supply Chain Summit

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra is hosting the summit

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Canada’s federal minister of agriculture will participate in upcoming discussions about Canada’s supply chain.

Marie-Claude Bibeau, along with François-Philippe Chapagne, Canada’s minister of innovation science and industry, and Mary Ng, the federal minister of trade, will take part in the National Supply Chain Summit on Jan. 31.

“I recognize that all supply chains are facing challenging times, including those for agriculture and food,” she told in an emailed statement. “This Summit will provide an opportunity to reflect on current challenges and discuss potential solutions to make sure that supply chains are strong and resilient over the long term.

“As one of the federal Ministers at the Summit, I look forward to meeting with key stakeholders at the Summit and ensuring that the important perspectives of the agriculture and food sector are highlighted in the Government’s overall approach.”

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra announced the summit in December and will host the event.

“The National Summit will play a critical role in helping to ensure Canadians throughout the country have better access to essential goods without adding an increased burden of cost,” he said in a December statement. “Through collaboration with industry partners, we have an opportunity to address constraints in our supply chains that will ensure greater reliability and efficiency.”

The pandemic has affected Canada’s food supply chain.

About 70 per cent of U.S. food imports to Canada arrive by truck.

Vaccine mandates mean vaccinated U.S. truckers can enter Canada and unvaccinated truckers must meet pre-entry quarantine requirements. The U.S. has also mandates vaccines for truckers.

These are leading to delivery delays, increased food prices and Canadians posting pictures and videos on social media of bare shelves in grocery stores.

It’s up to the federal government to take the necessary action to ensure the supply chain is strong.

Vaccine mandates for truckers do the opposite, the Conservatives say.

"At a time when grocery stores are seeing shortages of basics like meats, fruits, and vegetables, your government's policy will undoubtedly cause unnecessary harm and food insecurity, and have the potential to make empty shelves the norm in grocery stores across Canada," six Conservative MPs wrote in a letter to Minister Alghabra, CBC reported.

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