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Natural gas coming to rural Ont. communities

Natural gas coming to rural Ont. communities

One project could bring natural gas to about 1,300 homes in Chatham-Kent

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

The provincial government selected Chatham-Kent and Bruce County as its first regions to receive expanded natural gas access.

The increased access to natural gas is part of the government’s Natural Gas Expansion Support Program.

In Chatham-Kent, construction could begin this summer and will include two new transmission pipelines. Once completed, up to 1,300 homes and 200 businesses could benefit from this fuel.

Switching to natural gas can save residential customers between $800 and $2,500 per year, the government says.

The ag industry is celebrating the commitment to natural gas infrastructure.

“For every acre of greenhouse constructed, at least two direct jobs and two indirect jobs are created,” Greg Devries, president and CEO of Truly Green Farms and Cedarline Greenhouses, said in a statement Monday. “This natural gas project is a great example of how infrastructure stimulates the economy.”

Monte McNaughton, Ontario’s infrastructure minister, visited Cedarline Greenhouses on Monday to announce the expansion.

Some farmers, like Harvey Handsor, an area cash crop producer, already have access to this fuel.

The government will need to do a good job of balancing which communities within Chatham-Kent receive the expanded infrastructure, he said.

“It’s a benefit for everyone and it’s fantastic news as long as it doesn’t focus on one area,” he told “We already have natural gas on our farm and use it for our grain bins.”

On Tuesday, Bruce County learned it would also receive funding for natural gas infrastructure.

Construction will bring natural gas to several surrounding communities including Chesley, Paisley, Kincardine and Lucknow.

“This is an important announcement for the region,” Lisa Thompson, the MPP for Huron-Bruce, said during the announcement, the Saugeen Times reported. “Local farmers and businesses deserve to have access to affordable natural gas to hear their homes, barns and facilities.”

The Bruce County project will bring natural gas to about 12,000 homes, farms and businesses.

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Monte McNaughton is a great example of a local politician getting things rolling in Ontario. When he puts his teeth into a project it gets done. He is also getting high speed internet rolling to under serviced communities in southern Ontario with guidance from the telecom companies who have been putting all their stolen infrastucture money and cable into wiring new subdivisions and not doing what they were supposed to do in bringing this service to truly under serviced areas taking advantage of a loop hole in the federal government funding to service new subdivisions before rural and farms in southern Ontario.
Gord Robbins |Mar 15 2019 8:02AM