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New Frame Mounted Seeder by Bourgault

New Frame Mounted Seeder by Bourgault

“With this machine you have all of the features of our larger air seeders in a much smaller, compact version”

Ryan Ridley

Building on its portfolio of air seeders, Bourgault Industries has released a new series of Frame Mounted Seeders – a compact seeding unit designed to balance productivity and ease-of-use for farmers.

We spoke with Perry Weisberg, US Marketing Leader at Bourgault Industries, about this product line at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our Frame Mounted Seeder is a new product for us,” said Weisberg. “It’s an all-in-one machine that encompasses both the air seeder tank and the drill platform. Right now, we have this machine in 20’ and 26’ operating widths.”

The Frame Mounted Seeder by Bourgault combines its HD steel air seeding tank with its independent seed opener options on the drill frame.

“This particular machine is available with either a hoe-type opener or our independent disc opener, so a person has the ability to configure it in a number of different manners,” explained Weisberg. “It does allow the adaptation of our Mid-Row Banding technology, which allows high rates of fertilizer to be applied with the seed and separated from the seed in a one-pass seeding operation.”

The compact unit was designed with features included in Bourgault’s larger air seeder tanks, including its PDM Pro Metering System, as well as its KNEX Integral Tank System.

“With this machine you have all of the features of our larger air seeders in a much smaller, compact version,” he added.

This contained design also allows the unit to be moved safely from location-to-location.

“One of the really nice things about this product is that it has very narrow transport dimensions. At transport its less than 14’ high and less than 10’ wide.”



The Frame Mounted Seeder series features two configurations: a coulter drill system (CD), which includes four models, CD872-8, CD872-6, CD848-8 and CD848-6; as well as a hoe drill system (HD), which also includes four models, HD872-8, HD872-6, HD848-8 and HD848-6.


  • 20’ or 26’ working width
  • 136 or 200 bu
  • 6.5”, 7.5”, 10” or 12” spacing
  • 2200 lb bulk boom capacity
  • IF710/70R38 or LSW750/60R30 tire size
  • PLX opener style
  • Optional brakes

For more information on Bourgault Industries’ portfolio of products, visit:


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