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New Holland debuts new IntelliView 12 display

New Holland debuts new IntelliView 12 display
Apr 02, 2019
By Leslie Stewart

After five to six years of customer clinics and in-field trials, New Holland recently launched their new GENESIS T8 with PLM Technology, featuring a new IntelliView 12 display.

“The IntelliView 12 is the tractor’s center of connectivity,” Adam Sharp, precision marketing specialist for Delta Power Equipment, told

                               Adam Sharp, Delta Power Equipment

“You can control the entire tractor with the IntelliView tablet.”

Delta Power Equipment operates nine locations across Ontario.

The IntelliView 12 is a touch-screen display built on an Android operating system.

“This is all a simple tablet interface, allowing farmers to do more and do it easier than ever before,” Luke Zerby, PLM marketing manager, explained in a recent release. met with David Zeinstra, a field sales representative for New Holland, at the recent London Farm Show in London, On, to discuss the benefits of the IntelliView 12 for farmers.

“We’re bringing an entire integrated solution to farmers today,” Zeinstra said.

The IntelliView 12 allows producers to decrease their downtime by allowing them to access all the tractor’s controls without leaving the cab.

Configurable aspects are separated by tractor, implement, and conditions so that farmers can easily find what they’d like to change.

Farmers can customize their run screens for each individual job. Further, multiple operators can save their unique user settings to a profile.

“If you have specific operators for specific equipment, you can set up their privileges in the settings,” explained Zeinstra.

The touch-screen display allows farmers greater control over their map.

“Just like you have your tablet and your smartphone, you’ve got all the control to pivot and more,” Zerby explained to at the recent National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky.

Top photo: David Zeinstra

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