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New Holland Rolls Out T9 SmartTrax

 New Holland Rolls Out T9 SmartTrax

New Track System Available on T9 Tractors in 2025

By Ryan Ridley

New Holland has recently announced the launch of its T9 SmartTrax for the 2025 model year. This new model promises to bring many enhancements aimed at improving performance, operator comfort, and overall reliability. 

The T9 SmartTrax tractor is available in five different models, ranging from 475 to 645 horsepower, and offers a choice between powershift and CVT transmissions.

Ken Paul with New Holland told that the new track system was designed with three main categories in mind: performance, comfort, and peace of mind.  

The components that complete these tracks include: 

  • Automatic track tensioning system 

  • Track suspension system 

  • Oscillating roller wheels 

New Holland says the oscillating roller wheels create a smooth ride through the field, allow for a  longer belt life, and eliminate the need for manual adjustments. 

Its new track suspension system also ensures a smoother ride, making long hours in the field less taxing for the operator.  

You can also choose from three different track suppliers and select between 30 or 36-inch belt sizes to suit you specific needs. 

Its six roller wheels, compared to the typical four found in other track systems. 

“With six roller wheels, we have a lot more surface area that is making sure the compaction, flotation of the track system is optimized to its best ability,” adds Paul. 

For operator comfort, New Holland has introduced swinging steps that make it easier to enter and exit the tractor. This feature is particularly useful as it adjusts to the movement of the tractor, providing stable and safe access. 

In terms of reliability, the T9 SmartTrax tractor offers peace of mind through its warranty options. Track belts come with up to a four-year warranty, with certain versions extending to five years.  

The tractor’s serviceability is further enhanced by bolt-on systems for easy maintenance, allowing quick repairs that minimize downtime. 

If you are interested in the new T9 with SmartTrax system, you can expect these tractors to be available for order later this year.  

Ken Paul walks you through the new system in the below video. 

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