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New national sales manager at Topigs Norsvin Canada

New national sales manager at Topigs Norsvin Canada

Tom Elskamp’s appointment enhances the Topigs Norsvin Management team.

By Andrew Joseph,; Photo via Topigs Norsvin Canada

Topigs Norsvin Canada Inc. has announced that, effective today, October 16, 2023, Tom Elskamp will join its staff as the National Sales Manager based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

In his new role, Elskamp will be focused on business development, customer support, and sales management for Canada.

Elskamp is well-known within the Canadian swine industry and has considerable experience working with producers, packers, and related specialists.

"Tom will be a valuable asset to the Topigs Norsvin Canada sales team as he embraces this new responsibility and assumes his leadership role," stated Cam McGavin, Managing Director for Canada.

Elskamp said: "Working in the swine pharmaceutical industry for the past 26 years has allowed me to work side by side with some of the best swine producers on the globe. Their relentless pursuit [of] increased production and efficiency in every aspect of their business has taught me that new technologies, open communication, and partnerships are key to their success. I’m excited to be part of the Topigs Norsvin team of experts and look forward to building new partnerships and enhancing existing customers' long-term goals and objectives.”

Tom may be reached at 204-981-2579 or via email at

Topigs Norsvin Canada is a leading swine genetics supplier in North America. The company produces and develops sound, profitable pig genetic programs and breeding systems for commercial hog production. It is one of the largest genetics companies in the world, with business activities in over 55 countries.

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