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NFU Disappointed with Supreme Court Decision Not to Hear Appeal on CWB

National Farmers Union Supports Class Action Lawsuit against the Government

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The National Farmers Union (NFU) released a statement on Friday, shortly after the Supreme Court Decision that denied Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board to appeal the government’s decision to abolish the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) monopoly.

“Farmers will not forget this government’s betrayal,” said Ian Robson, in a press release NFU Coordinator for Region 5 (Manitoba). “Unfortunately, despite federal court Judge Campbell’s strong ruling in the first round and the fact that the case was still being appealed before the courts, the Harper government chose to ignore the federal court ruling, and proceeded to ram the legislation through Parliament,” Robson continued.

The NFU has maintained that the Harper government’s decision to dismantle the CWB was undemocratic and is supporting those farmers who are going through with a Class Action Suit, seeking to restore the CWB and claim damages for what they believe they have incurred as a result of the dismantling of the CWB monopoly.

“Farmers will continue to pursue this matter in the courts, through our Class Action suit against the Harper government,” said Terry Boehm, NFU President.

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