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Olds College Launches Centennial Celebrations

Celebrating 100 Years: Olds College Remembers Agricultural Roots

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Alberta’s Olds College kicked off its centennial year events on Friday.

The day to launch the year-long celebrations was significant as Feb. 22, 1913 was the year that the Alberta government introduced the Agriculture Schools Act, which founded Olds School of Agriculture and Home Economics. The school opened with 26 men and 39 women.

While Olds is known largely for being a leader in agricultural learning, it’s also known today for horticulture, land and environmental management, business and fashion. In the early days of the college, focus was on learning the latest farming techniques, animal husbandry, and economics.

For the big year, a centennial song was produced, which was written by alumnus and country singer Denver Daines.

More information about the centennial events can be found at

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