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Ont. producers answer the Internet’s toughest questions

Ont. producers answer the Internet’s toughest questions

Farmers tackle topics like superheroes and movie scenes

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Social media and other online platforms have become the place where users converse about several topics.

From opinions on public policy and the merits of social movements to predicting the outcome of a sporting event, a user’s response is publicly viewable by those who agree or disagree with the stance.

On occasion, debates over certain issues seem to dominate the web, garnering hundreds or sometimes thousands of responses to a single question.

With this in mind, reached out to three members of the Ontario ag community to ask them some of the Internet’s burning questions.

Jillian Kelly (JK) raises sheep and cash crops in Brant County.

Phil Deschamps (PD) grows cash crops in Lambton County.

Morgan Donneral (MD) is a dairy producer from Durham County. Does pineapple belong on pizza?

JK: Yes.

PD: Yes.

MD: Yes. Where do you store your ketchup?

JK: In the fridge.

PD: In the fridge.

MD: If it’s open, it’s in the fridge.  Is a hotdog a sandwich?

JK: No.

PD: No.

MD: No. Should toilet paper hang over or under the roll?

JK: Over.

PD: Under.

MD: Over. What goes in the bowl first? The milk or the cereal?

JK: Cereal.

PD: Cereal.

MD: Cereal. Superman or Batman?

JK: Superman.

PD: Batman.

MD: Superman. Seinfeld or Friends?

JK: Friends.

PD: Friends.

MD: Friends. Was there enough room for Jack on the door in Titanic?

JK: Yes.

PD: Yes.

MD: Yes. Would you rather be in a zombie or robot apocalypse?

JK: Neither.

PD: Zombie.

MD: Zombie. Would you rather spend a week on the International Space Station or in a hotel at the bottom of the ocean?

JK: Bottom of the ocean.

PD: Bottom of the ocean.

MD: International Space Station.

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