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Ontario Hazelnut Production must grow to supply Ferrero Roche

by Denise Faguy,

More than 120 people are attending today’s hazelnut conference in Brantford, Ontario. "Moving Hazelnuts to Commercial Production" is a full-day conference aimed at advancing the production of hazelnuts in Ontario.

Speakers from Yoso Foods and Cocomira Foods presented insights and information on their businesses and their views of the growing market for hazelnut based products, including milk and chocolate products.  Speakers from the University of Guelph projected a need for 16,000 acres of hazelnuts in Ontario.

2014 Hazelnut conference

Anchored by the demand from the Ferrero Rocher plant in Brantford, Ontario, John Kelly, director for the Ontario Hazelnut Association (OHA), suggests that the Ontario production could grow to $80 million per year.

The conference will also include the Annual General Meeting for the OHA .More information can be found on the Ontario Hazelnut Association Website

View Photo Album of the 2014 Ontario Hazelnut Conference.


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