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Ontario Maple Syrup Report: Tapping Forecast

Some Maple Syrup Tapping Has Already Begun

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The Ontario maple syrup tapping forecast is out! Last week, some larger maple syrup producers begin tapping as temperatures were above -5 ° C. The tapping stopped earlier this week, on Family Day Monday when colder weather returned once again in many areas of the province. Despite this, many smaller syrup producers haven’t yet begun tapping their sugar bush.

The earliest tapping typically occurs in southwestern Ontario with the latest occurring in the north and northeast regions of the province. Due to weather volatility, producers are encouraged to closely monitor their own local weather temperatures to find the most ideal time for tapping.

It’s predicted that the extended weather forecast is calling for good tapping conditions later this week and over the weekend for southern Ontario. It’s expected that trees that are frozen may require temperatures of (-5 to 2 °C) in order for the bark to thaw enough for prime tapping conditions.

Always remember best practices and avoid drilling tap holes in frozen trees when the temperature is (-5 °C or colder).  If not properly administered it could lead to bark splitting and sap leakage.

For more details on best practices visit the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food website.

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