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Pecan growers embrace regenerative techniques for better profits


The Noble Research Institute is on a mission to reshape the future of pecan farming with a focus on regenerative agriculture.  

Charles Rohla discussed the institute's upcoming projects at the American Pecan Council meetings, which include creating regenerative pecan courses and engaging in cutting-edge research. The emphasis is on soil health management and leveraging regenerative practices to lower input costs while boosting profitability. 

For pecan farmers, adopting regenerative practices means prioritizing soil health through reduced tillage, diverse cover cropping, and the integration of livestock, which introduces beneficial microbes to the soil. This approach not only aims at enhancing soil fertility and tree vitality but also promotes diversification and additional income through methods like silvopasture.  

With ongoing research in Texas and Oklahoma, the institute is evaluating the impact of different management styles on both soil health and financial outcomes. This groundbreaking work by the Noble Research Institute is setting a sustainable pathway for pecan farming, ensuring economic viability and environmental stewardship for generations to come.

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