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Advocacy meets agriculture - Farm bureau day highlights in Florida


The Florida Farm Bureau's annual Farm Bureau Day on January 16 saw an impressive turnout of over 300 individuals, including 4-H and FFA students, in Tallahassee.  

Aimed at fostering discussions on pivotal agricultural issues, the event provided a platform for members to meet with legislators concerning the affordability of healthcare for farm families and the push for labor reform. 

The initiative kicked off with insights from State Sen. Danny Alvarez and Rep. Corey Simon at a briefing breakfast, stressing the importance of the agricultural sector and the need for continued advocacy.  

A significant announcement was made by FFBF President Jeb S. Smith about the launch of the Agriculture Disaster Recovery Program by Commissioner Wilton Simpson, a move lauded for supporting the agricultural community against the unpredictabilities of nature. 

The day culminated in the Taste of Florida Agriculture reception, a vibrant showcase of the state's agricultural produce and culinary delights. The reception, highlighted by Commissioner Simpson and President Smith's welcoming speeches, offered attendees a unique taste of local agriculture, while the Bellamy Brothers provided entertainment, celebrating the spirit and resilience of Florida's farmers and ranchers. 

This event underscored the critical role of advocacy in agriculture, highlighting the ongoing efforts to address industry challenges through legislative support and community engagement, thereby ensuring the sustainability and growth of Florida's agricultural legacy.

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