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Precision Planting set to offer new sprayer technologies

Precision Planting set to offer new sprayer technologies

Soon to hit the market from Precision Planting come three new sprayer technologies.

By Andrew Joseph,; Image via Precision Planting

Precision Planting has three new spraying technologies it said are ready to make their commercial debut soon.

According to Andrew Feucht, the Product Marketing Specialist with the Tremont, Illinois-headquartered Precision Planting, its three new products are ReClaim (see image at top), Symphony, and Vision.

The company develops smart products to improve planting, liquid application, and harvesting for farms across the world using new products capable of being retrofitted onto current equipment, or via a new product using a Precision Planting solution.   

ReClaim is a boom recirculation system that ensures the operator is primed with the proper combination of products without a farmer having to test-spray it onto the ground to check the liquid’s consistency. It saves the operator both time and money with liquids saved. Feucht said that ReClaim is a retro-fit product that can be added to any sprayer and can be used with any traditional type of nozzle.

Symphony is PWM (pulse width modulation) controlled-nozzle system that maintains drop-put size and pressure, according to Feucht, as speeds and rates are changed. This will allow operators to provide a consistent pattern on the crop.

Vision is an advanced camera system—and although farthest away from a commercial sale, per Feucht, it’s coming, as the company sees it as part of its see-and-spray technology. By adding cameras to sprayers, it’s to provide a precision-ag boom for sprayer guidance, weed detection, crop health, and more.

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