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Preserving our land: feds announce historic investment in conservation efforts

Preserving our land: feds announce historic investment in conservation efforts

Canadian producers can participate in various programs and projects


By Kaitlynn Anderson

Staff Reporter


Farmers across the country may have more opportunities to participate in wildlife habitat conservation efforts thanks to recent government investments.

Over the next five years, the Canadian government will invest $1.3 billion in conservation programs and projects under the 2018 Federal Budget, according to Tuesday’s release from Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC).

The investment is part of the government’s commitment to conserve at least 17 per cent of the country’s land and inland waters by 2020, according to the Government of Canada’s budget.

And the government, groups and organizations have many possible initiatives to focus on, including wetland restoration.

To date, the country has lost 70 per cent of its original wetland acres, according to DUC.

On the Prairies, this value has risen to over 90 per cent.

However, farmers and other landowners could use the government’s funding to engage in wetland conservation.

“DUC is particularly pleased that the Nature Fund can be used for conservation efforts on private land, which are often at the greatest risk and represent significant gains for biodiversity,” the DUC release stated.

Producers can also take advantage of many other DUC “farm gate programs that … contribute to the federal government’s goal,” Paul Thoroughgood, an agrologist for the Prairie region of DUC, told yesterday.

The organization’s staff are eager to continue working with farmers across the country, he added.

“Many farmers and ranchers place a high personal value on protecting the wetlands and other habitats that occur on their land. DUC is pleased to work co-operatively with them to help achieve our shared environmental goals.”

Canadian producers can access more information on the DUC’s conservation programs here.

Farmers who are interested in other conservation efforts could also contact Nature Conservancy Canada, Wildlife Habitat Canada or ALUS Canada.

Ontario producers can also reach out to their local conservation authorities or the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association

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