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Ranking farm equipment

Ranking farm equipment

What’s the most important piece of equipment on your farm?

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Between tractors, sprayers and combines, there’s no shortage of equipment on modern farm operations.

But is there one piece of machinery a farmer can’t do without? asked members of the ag community which piece of equipment is the most important, and why.

For Warren McCutcheon, a corn and soybean producer from Carman, Man., it’s his planter.

“With limited planting windows in the spring, (the planter) has to be reliable,” he told “You obviously try to plant into ideal conditions and you only get one chance to do it right, so the planter has to be able to handle long days and multiple acres.”

Cameron Limebeer, a cash crop and beef farmer from Peel County, Ont., points to his John Deere 6125 loader tractor as the most important equipment on his farm.

 “We use it to feed our cattle and it’s a very versatile piece of machinery for us,” he said.

Terry James, a cash cropper from Vegreville, Alta., agreed that a tractor is the most important piece of farm equipment.

“When you look around at all the equipment, it’s almost like asking who your favourite child is,” he told “But I think it’s the tractor. It’s usually the first piece of equipment you buy when starting a farm and, with it, you can do so many other jobs around the farm.”

For Leigh Rosengren, a beef producer from Midale, Sask., no one piece of equipment stands out because they all contribute on the farm.

“I think it’s a suite of equipment that makes a farm successful,” she said. “The different pieces of machinery play different roles and you need all of them.”

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Planting equipment makes your crop. Tractor is only horsepower. Everything else fits in between.
Jim Maw |Nov 25 2019 10:32PM
I would also agree that my tractors are the most important for me.
Rick |Nov 25 2019 4:14PM
Planting or spraying equipment hands down. You put a lot of money through each in a timely manner. You can pull them with any tractor
Owen McIntyre |Nov 25 2019 7:34AM
It is the tillage equipment that is parked in the pasture never to be used again. Tillage is the devil. You want farming to be sustainable, long lasting and and the other fun words, then you must park tillage tools. No-till.
Jordan |Nov 21 2019 4:12PM